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    Galco King Tut

    I normally pocket or OWB carry as I never found IWB comfortable and in fact, it was painful at times. I do not have a need for IWB the majority of times since I often wear untucked button shirts that hide anything I carry in an OWB very well. Sometimes I want to just wear a Tee shirt and at those times I carry IWB. Always went with a minimalist holster or a Summer Comfort type. They work OK but still are noticable the whole time I carry in them.

    I saw the King Tuk on Optics Planet for $53 shipped and since I just got two new Sig P229s, I figured that I would try it. The Crossbreed holster was more expensive, even more so if I wanted a combat cut and had a waiting period much longer than my need for instant gratificiation could bear.

    The King Tuk came today just a few days after I ordered it. Very well made, adjustable enough for a comfortable fit on me and it has great gun retention. Enough to keep the gun in the holster but not enough to make it difficult to draw. My Sigs do not dig into my hip with this holster and it does not shift as my other IWB holsters do. I think I will get a few more as they are priced well and work. So if you are thinking about buying one, do it. Check out the YouTube videos and you may be impressed by its quality to cost.

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    I have the CB ST and the Galco KT, both are of semilar quality, but CB is more expensive and not available in the local market as is the Galco. The Galco is used for my EDC because I feel it has better gun retention, but as you say, but not too difficult to draw. Would I buy either again, yes, but most likely the cheaper of the two which equates to the price of a box of ammo.

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    I own 5 galco holsters and all work well, I have no complaint's and the no wait time is a good thing
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    Love the Kingtuk. Check my avatar

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