Glock 19 gen4 trigger question
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Thread: Glock 19 gen4 trigger question

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    Glock 19 gen4 trigger question

    Hi guys.
    I got a g19 gen 4 2 months ago, I like it but I have understood that the trigger is heavier than gen3... and it is not the 5.5 that the owner manual say..

    so, I use the gun for IDPA, range, and not for conceal yet.. so I dont want to have a trigger of 3.5lb for cc.. I would be happy if this were like the gen3 5.5lb .. or may be 4.5.. how can I do that, should change the trigger bar?
    I read somewhere about if I polish the trigger bar and all around it could be less heavy.. is that right?

    thanks in advance

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    It is 5.5lb. The added bump on the trigger bar on gen 4's increases the travel resistance resulting in a felt heavier pull.
    This will decrease with use. Buy a Glock 3.5lb connector & it should feel better. The actual pull is not 3.5lb but more like 4.5-5lbs.
    Ebay seller smittywee always has the Glock connectors.
    I have these in my gen 4 G22, gen 3 G27, & gen3 G17 & carry them all, no worries about CC.

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    I use a 3.5lb. Ghost Rocket Trigger. Without a doubt... it's the best thing I've done to the Glock.


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