How do i check my permit progress?
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Thread: How do i check my permit progress?

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    Question How do i check my permit progress?

    alright guys, it has been about a month since i mailed my information in etc. been a little less then that since they cashed my check. i have seen some people say that their permit was issued but they hadn't received it yet. how do i find out if my permit has been issued or in the mail? i know it takes longer in the mail, but just curious to see if it has gone through yet. thanks. hope this isn't a dumb question that has been asked somewhere else already!

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    Theres a phone number to call and it asks for the number on your app, i kept calling every day up until the day it said they sent it out i believe it got sent out day 3 or 4. I received it on day 8. I also did a appointment though.

    8 days after i turned 21 god i love Florida

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    When I sent in my application there was a tracking number on the first page that I could use in the automated system for Public Inquiry (850) 245-5691.

    I heard you could do it online but haven't got a clue how or if possible.

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    You're gonna want to call the DOA, 1-850-245-5691, You need to talk to a real person first, follow the robots intructions to get to a real person.. After the real person gives you your tracking#, then you can call anytime to track your progress, hope this helps and you dont get tired of the robot voice, LOL..
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    THANK YOU GUYS! you are a wealth of information, and this forum is well appreciated for those of us that are not as knowledgeable on these subjects but are willing and ready to learn! thanks again! like i tell my students/players (high school teacher and youth soccer coach) "someone had to teach me to you know!"

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    90 days! :/

    soooo... i called and checked my status and the lady said that it would be probably 90 days until i got it and that they havnt even started processing mine yet... it was mailed in over a month ago and my check cleared on the 21st of Feb. anyone else getting this type of response?

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    When you call the auto line, what does the robot tell you? In process, or not yet received?

    Can't be certain, but the lady might have just told you 90 days to prevent you from calling every day

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    she didnt give me a processing number for me to call the automated service, just said they were backed up and they hadnt started on processing mine yet... so im not really sure. i guess ill call again monday and try to get a number so i can check in with the robot... i mailed it in because i thought it would be faster then waiting for a time when i could get an appointment (i teach high school and cant really take off for that) but if i would have known it would take 5 months i would have figured out a different way... guess we will see. ill keep ya posted.

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    It will probably be there any day now, that "90 days" response is the typical time frame they tell you in the book I think. I know our NRA instructor said that too, I mailed our(wife and I) hers later on. Mine took 10 days from mail to door, hers 14 days. Dont know if it matters, but sent ours certified mail.

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    how long ago was that? i sent mine standard mail but i know they got it and have at least opened it enough to take my check to the bank, because my check has cleared. kinda BS that they apparently (from what the lady said) get your money and then get to it when they get to it.


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