Best Place to Buy in Central Florida???
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Thread: Best Place to Buy in Central Florida???

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    Best Place to Buy in Central Florida???

    Hey everyone,
    I'm looking to possibly buy a Sig Sauer P229 in my general area (Tampa). Shoot Straight seems to be the most expensive (though with the most selection). Anyone have an idea where to get a good deal?

    Thanks in advance!

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    find what you want on the internet and have it transfered to "Central Public Safety Equipment" the guys their are a pleasure to work with and they may even do the searching for you.

    I used them to find an AR when their where none to be had out in Idaho. later I used them as my FFL to transfer a firearm I found on the web.

    Ask for Mike and tell him one of his loyal customers sent you in his direction.
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    They have a good selection of Sigs. Their Internet prices are better than if you walk into the store. They'll ship to your local FFL dealer.

    I saved over $200 on a S&W AR15.

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    Florida Gun Exchange or Shoot Straight at GunShow(Just work them on price)

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    I've used these guys as my FFL before. Cheapest transfer fees I found in the Tampa area. I bought my M&P on Gunbroker and had it sent there. But they're willing to haggle on gun prices. My brother bought his Glock 26 from them. No problems with either transaction.

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    Call Wain Roberts in Pinellas.


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    I really like Gun Vault in Orlando. Neil runs the shop. He does the shop as a side gig, and he's just recently moved, but his pricing is awesome for the area. He doesn't carry a ton of stock, but I'm sure he can order it, and at the price he gave me for an XD, given the other local shops price, I figure it might be worth a call.

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    I went to a place called Central Firearms down by the stadium the other day and they seemed to have pretty good prices, they deal with a lot of police and local authorities from what I understand. I believe they had some sigs, but they said they could order w/e you wanted as well (small store). I would suggest checking them out I feel like I will give them my business next time I want a new pistol (or rather can afford one).
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    Central Public Safety Equipment on W. Osborne (just W of N. Dale Mabry, and N. of the stadium), is also known as Central Firearms and Police Supply. I agree, nice people to deal with. The guys who work there are very knowledgeable about their equipment and pleasant to deal with. They have a lot of guns there, including Glocks and S&W M&P's. It's certainly a hang out for local law enforcement, since they have a lot of police goodies there. One time I was in there a current deputy was working behind the counter as an off duty side job. I currently have a Glock 30SF on order with them.
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